If you teach up to intermediate level ( beginners, level 2, intermediate and intermediate + ) You're category is 'semi-pro'. If you teach it means you have a basic level to teach others and you are used to dancing under pressure in front of people in class. Even if you have no prior stage experience, you are recognised for your the basic level you posses in order to teach others so you can not apply for the 'First time on stage category'. 


If you teach advanced exotic students you could apply for the pro-category. There are several characteristics that make a professional: 
- you teach advanced students & are highly advanced yourself

- you have won (several) recognised competitions 

- you are a paid performer and your name is your selling brand. 

- you are a skilled/qualified dancer 


There are nuances in this, for example: If you've had 1 paid performance on your cousins wedding you are not qualified for being a prof. If you are unsure you can mail us in which category you feel like you belong.