Sunday September 19th 


Anela Kuzmina will teach her signature Hard exotic style in 2 workshops. 


Hard style choreography:

My favorite dance style, but if you ever saw my performances, you probably know that. Fast moves, choreography full of energy and charisma, signature acrobatics tricks and transitions mixed with plenty of sexuality. Unleash the seductive beast from deep inside of you together with me!


Dance acrobatics: 

My second passion after dancing is acrobatics. And I have something special to share with you to make your exotic routine beautified with special and signature moves, jumps, twists, cartwheels and more!

Jazzy K will teach her signature sensual flow in 2 workshops. 


 Hypnotic Heel'Ography 

In this choreography workshop you learn a flowing routine that emphasizes on snake like movements that are known from Russian heels style combined with interesting edgework. Learn how to use your body to hypnotize and bewitch your audience while flowing from one move into another and improving your musicality. Release your inner sensual witch! Level: Beginner/Intermediate or Intermediate/Advanced (can be chosen by host, if many are new to heels Beginner/Intermediate is recommended) Requirements:



MELT: Heels flow & Transitions 

n this workshop you'll learn combos and transitions without learning a choreography. This means you can focus on your technique and connection of more challenging movements while having the freedom to move as slow or fast as you want. Jazzy will show you her ways while also encouraging you to find your own style.